Measuring Your Wrist Size: The Secret of a Proper Fit

Measuring Your Wrist Size: The Secret of a Proper Fit

How To Measure Your Wrist Size

We’ve all been there – a seldom used, brand new piece of clothing, or a pair of new shoes that’s quickly become uncomfortable, we all have plenty of things in our wardrobes that’s too large, or too small, or just small enough to cause discomfort. Things such as footwear and sleeves are notorious for being dfficult to measure by eye, but things are not much different with watch bands. It’s very important to be able to measure your wrists accurately, so you can be certain that you’ll be happy wearing our products.

First off, how does one measure a wrist?

This is best achieved using a strip of paper, a piece of string, fabric tape measure, but even a flexible metal tape measure can do in a pinch! We reccomend using a fabric tapemeasure, just because it’s the easiest to use.

Place the tape or paper around your wrist and make a note of the place where they intersect. Make sure that the paper or tape measure fits snugly around your wrist, but not so snug to be uncomfortable or prevent blood flow!

wrist size hand measurement
Measuring tape around a wrist

If you used a tape measure, that’s it! You know your size. If you used a piece of paper, place the marked strip alongside a ruler, and that will give you an approximate wrist size. However, most people won’t find wearing anything that tightly to be comfortable, so don’t rush off and buy anything in that size!

wrist size ruler guide
Wrist size ruler guide

Because this is the case, you need to add some additional space for your wrist to breathe. For starters, we recommend adding at least 1cm (about half an inch) to form your wrist size.

Some people like a more loose fit, while others prefer a fit closer to their skin. Realistically, you will probably need between 1-2cm (0.4-0.8 inches) of “breathing room” between your wrist size and the size of your bracelet. If you prefer a looser fit, you can go up a bit and add a full inch to your measured size, but make sure that the increase isn’t too loose because then the bracelet might fall off!

Here’s a tip. To test whether your loose fit size is too loose, you can use the same tape measure technique. Measure the new size using your tape measure, wrap it around your wrist, and see if it’s at a risk of sliding off your hand.

When you’re finished measuring your wrist size, you can go and purchase some of our wonderful bracelets, watch bands, or perhaps one of our bargain bracelet sets! If watch bands are what caught your eye, be sure to check out our guide on selecting the best fitting watch band for your watch and how to measure your watch size and find out what watch band you need.