Bracelet Measurement Guide

This is recommended bracelet size in relation to your wrist size:

Wrist Size: 5.00″ / 12.70 cm – Bracelet Size: 5.50″ / 13.97 cm

Wrist Size: 5.25″ / 13.33 cm – Bracelet Size: 5.75″ / 14.60 cm

Wrist Size: 5.50″ / 13.97 cm – Bracelet Size: 6.00″ / 15.24 cm

Wrist Size: 5.75″ / 14.60 cm – Bracelet Size: 6.25″ / 15.88 cm

Wrist Size: 6.00″ / 15.24 cm – Bracelet Size: 6.50″ / 16.51 cm

Wrist Size: 6.25″ / 15.88 cm – Bracelet Size: 6.75″ / 17.14 cm

Wrist Size: 6.50″ / 16.51 cm – Bracelet Size: 7.00″ / 17.78 cm

Wrist Size: 6.75″ / 17.14 cm – Bracelet Size: 7.25″ / 18.42 cm

Wrist Size: 7.00″ / 17.78 cm – Bracelet Size: 7.50″ / 19.05 cm

Wrist Size: 7.25″ / 18.42 cm – Bracelet Size: 7.75″ / 19.68 cm

Wrist Size: 7.50″ / 19.05 cm – Bracelet Size: 8.00″ / 20.32 cm

Wrist Size: 7.75″ / 19.68 cm – Bracelet Size: 8.25″ / 20.96 cm

Wrist Size: 8.00″ / 20.32 cm – Bracelet Size: 8.50″ / 21.59 cm

Wrist Size: 8.25″ / 20.96 cm – Bracelet Size: 8.75″ / 22.22 cm

Wrist Size: 8.50″ / 21.95 cm – Bracelet Size: 9.00″ / 22.86 cm

Wrist Size: 8.75″ / 22.22 cm – Bracelet Size: 9.25″ / 23.49 cm

Wrist Size: 9.00″ / 22.86 cm – Bracelet Size: 9.50″ / 24.13 cm

Wrist Size: 9.25″ / 23.49 cm – Bracelet Size: 9.75″ / 24.76 cm

Wrist Size: 9.50″ / 24.13 cm – Bracelet Size: 10.00″ / 25.40 cm

Wrist Size: 9.75″ / 24.76 cm – Bracelet Size: 10.25″ / 26.04 cm

Wrist Size: 10.00″ / 25.40 cm – Bracelet Size: 10.50″ / 26.67 cm

Please note that these sizes are only general recommendations. To ensure the best fit, please measure your wrist and/or the size of an existing bracelet! Consult our blog for more information.

Medical Alert Bracelet with Paper Insert


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This medical alert bracelet with paper insert is perfect for anyone who wants to be taken care of if there is a medical emergency. The practicality of this bracelet is reflected in the fact that you do not have to spend money on engraving the message, since you can write it yourself on paper. The bracelet is set up with a compartment that can hold a piece of paper with the name of the person it belongs to, any known allergies, and the type of medical emergency that should be reported. This will not only help in an emergency, but can also make it easier to get assistance when someone has lost consciousness. The clasp of the bracelet is elastic so it’s easy to take on and off. On the upper side of the lid, there is a slightly convex part in the shape of a hexagon, on which the Star of Life is engraved in red. It is a very elegant solution to draw attention and emphasize the true purpose of the bracelet. If you need such a product, we think that this medical alert bracelet with paper insert will be an affordable and quality solution.


  • Very easy to put on and take off.
  • Practical compartment with lid.
  • Made of quality stainless steel.
  • Unique medical alert bracelet with paper insert.


3 frequently asked questions regarding medical ID bracelets

Who should wear a medical ID Bracelet?

Medical experts recommend that all those that suffer from certain medical conditions like diabetes, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, heart or lung disease, or have a pacemaker or various allergies that may cause anaphylactic shock, should be wearing this bracelet. You can find a detailed list of conditions and treatments for which a medical ID bracelet is recommended on our blog post.

What to engrave on a medical ID bracelet?

You can simply put the name of a medical condition on your engravable medical alert bracelet, for example: “TYPE 1 DIABETES.” In case of an allergy, something like: “ALLERGIC TO PENICILLIN.” If you have enough space, you can also add an emergency contact phone number. In any case, you should consult your doctor for selecting the most appropriate message to engrave.

Are medical ID bracelets useful in an emergency?

Absolutely! EMTs are trained to first look for any medical ID tags, and read that information so they can provide the treatment you need. You can read more about this topic in our blog post Medical ID Bracelets for Men: Facts You Didn’t Know. Remember, your medical ID bracelet speaks for you when you can’t!



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Medical Alert Bracelet with Paper Insert
Bracelet Type

Medical ID Bracelet


Stainless steel

Clasp Type



6.5 mm / 0.26"




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Medical Alert Bracelet with Paper Insert
Medical Alert Bracelet with Paper Insert


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