Replacement Bands: Easy Size Guide for Smartwatches

Replacement Bands: Easy Size Guide for Smartwatches

Why Go For Smartwatch Replacement Bands?

The strap on your favorite watch has worn out in time and no longer looks nice, you need a band made from a different material to better suit different conditions, or you might have come across a beautifully designed strap that you simply have to have. Whatever the reason, the question remains – which size to choose?

replacement bands easy size guide for smartwatches
Examples of smartwatch replacement bands.

Just like with classic wristwatches, the band size of most of their “smart” cousins (more on the rest later) is also determined through measuring the lug size on the watch body. If the term “lug size” doesn’t sound familiar, you can look up some more information in this blog post. If you want to be 100% sure (and check up on us), you can measure the lug size yourself.

For those that simply don’t have the time, or don’t have a metric ruler handy, we’ve prepared a handy list with some of the most popular brands and the corresponding band sizes. So, you’ll be able to choose whichever smartwatch replacement band you like for the majority of models, as long as the size is correct.

What Are The Limits?

Before we leave you with the chart, however, we have to mention the other case. Some manufacturers (did anyone say Apple?) decided to create a special adapter that has to be in place on the smartwatch replacement band to be installed on the watch. That is an important detail to consider when shopping for an Apple Watch replacement band.

apple watch adapters
Apple Watch Adapters

Apple smartwatches come in several sizes (measured by case height): 38mm and 42mm for Series 1, 2 & 3 watches, and 40mm and 44mm for Series 4, and they are all referenced in our list.

  • Apple Watch:
    • Series 1, 2, & 3 (38mm): 22mm
    • Series 4 (40mm): 22mm
    • Series 1, 2, & 3 (42mm): 24mm
    • Series 4 (44mm): 24mm
  • ASUS ZenWatch:
    • ZenWatch 2nd Gen (Small): 18mm
    • ZenWatch 2nd Gen (Large): 22mm
    • ZenWatch 1st Gen: 22mm
  • Fossil Q:
    • Q Accomplice: 16mm
    • Q Neely: 16mm
    • Q Tailor Hybrid: 18mm
    • Q Venture: 18mm
    • Q Scarlette: 18mm
    • Q Gazer Hybrid: 20mm
    • Q Explorist: 22mm
    • Q Founder: 22mm
    • Q Wander: 22mm
    • Q Crewmaster Hybrid: 22mm
    • Q Marshal Touch: 22mm
    • Q Nate Hybrid: 24mm
  • Huawei:
    • Huawei Watch: 18mm
    • Huawei Fit: 18mm
    • Watch 2: 20mm
    • Watch 2 Classic: 22mm
  • LG:
    • LG Watch Style: 18mm
    • LG Watch Urbane: 22mm
    • LG Watch: 22mm
    • LG Watch R: 22mm
  • Moto 360:
    • 2nd Gen Women’s (42mm): 16mm
    • 2nd Gen Men’s (42mm): 20mm
    • 2nd Gen (46mm): 22mm
  • Pebble:
    • Round Large: 20mm
    • Classic: 22mm
    • Time: 22mm
    • Time Steel: 22mm
    • Pebble 2: 22mm
    • Pebble 2 SE: 22mm
  • Samsung Gear:
    • Gear S2 Classic: 20mm
    • Gear Sport: 20mm
    • Gear Live: 22mm
    • Gear S 3 Frontier: 22mm
    • Gear S3 Classic: 22mm

Until next time, we hope you find our posts useful!